ReHydrate Calf

ReHydrate Calf

  • ReHydrate is an aid to the stabilisation of water and electrolyte
    balance, when at risk of, during periods of or recovery from
    digestive disturbance
  • An added prebiotic further enhances gut health
  • Helps to slow down the gut movements whilst replacing
    electrolytes and re-hydrating the calf.
  • Can be used in milk replacers during periods of recovery from diarrhoea.
  • Easy mix formula.


ReHydrate should be administered orally as a solution. Dissolve 100g of ReHydrate into 2 litre of warm (30°C) water. At the first sign of digestive problems, remove milk, and feed 2 litres of prepared solution every 12 hours over a 48 hour period. If signs
of disturbance persist or reappear, consult your veterinarian. ReHydrate can be administered for a maximum of four days only. Do not exceed the stated feeding regime. A fresh solution of product should be prepared before each feed.


20 x 100g



Dextrose 74.33 %, Sodium chloride 5.59 %, Sodium acetate 3.92 %, Potassium chloride 3.56 %, Mono-potassium phosphate 1.62 %.

Additives (per kg):

Nutritional additives:

Anti-oxidants: Tocopherol-rich extracts of natural origin E 306 100 mg.


Crude ash 14.76 %
Sodium 5.10 %
Chloride 5.04 %
Potassium 2.33 %
ME 12.1 MJ


Store between 5° and 25° C. Not for h­uman consumption.
A complementary dietetic feed for bovine use only.
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